Tuesday 7 May 2013

Special K how Ive changed linky challenge - 30 years of me!

For the first time since 1983, Kellogg's is changing Special K (www.myspecialk.co.uk) which now is made from 3 whole grains.

I was sent a box of the new Special K to try - it was just as delicious as the old formula and even the kids enjoyed it! I love that it now has more whole-grains. I like the new Special K and will buy it for my family.

As I'm taking part in the BritMums / Special K "how I've changed challenge" I need to let you know how I've changed in 30 years!

Plate by Emma Preston 1983Lets go back to 1983 shall we? This is actually a special year for me, aged 3 as one of my two little sisters was born! (** update: I'd like to apologise to my sister Kellie who rightly pointed out she was actually born in 1982! whoops! My memory from 1983 isn't what it used to be!)  I went from being an only child to having a sibling! 1983 is also a key year for me as it was when I started Ballet classes and dance of some sort would feature on and off in my life right up to now! I've danced at Ludus, pineapple, dance works, central school of ballet and in a sports dance troupe which included dancing in the snow on the pitch at west ham!
Emma Clement nee Preston 1980's

For me, 1983 would have also meant preschool! (Check out the plate I made!) I grew up in Lancaster which meant I also met my bestest friend for the next 13 years at preschool who I'm still in touch with (hello Kelly Tea!)

Emma Clement nee Preston 1980's with Kellie Preston
Emma Clement nee Preston 1985The rest of the 80's saw another little sister - I got to pick her middle name (and no, it's not Gertrude - it was after a friend who had moved away) the 80's was all about dancing to Madonna and other cheesy 80's, having fun at Moorside primary school, with the exception of a little bit of bullying because I had glasses and missing teeth! (Two baby teeth fell out at the front and there wasn't any big teeth so I still have that gap! ... And glasses! - I'd get the gap fixed but it'll cost £25k!) my Dad taught me how to throw a punch! The 80's were also heavily focused on my little pony, Lego, Sindy and the start of my love for Star Wars, science and geekiness!

The early 90's was a bit rocky - My Dad had his first heart attack at only 34 (which scares the life out of me, given I'll be 34 on my next birthday!) we had chicken soup for Christmas dinner that year after visiting my Dad in Wythenshaw! He's still going strong!
It's also not long after that when I went Veggie, discovered I had kidney disease and lost one of my grandads.

Emma Clement nee Preston 1997The mid 90's was all about trying out new looks - my hair had been an assortment of colours including blonde, blue-black, stripes in the front, jet black and red. I was goth, I was grunge, I was geek! I was good at school work and fab at science but I really hated school, I made poor choices with friends and suffered more bullying which sucks! I think back and wonder if I'd have enjoyed school if I'd been more sensible about my friends!
Emma Clement nee Preston 1997

Late 90's was all about visiting my friend in Newcastle and discovering night clubs (hello Carina!) , going to collage, experiencing my first loss of a friend ( prayer for Steven Watson) and having a career choice crisis! I was about to start a nursing degree when I realised I wanted to be a film publicist! (I ended up being an online marketing manager and loving marketing!)

Emma Clement nee Preston 2002The noughties started off with an adventure to London (where I've remained!) and the almost impossible task of putting myself through uni! Paying
your own way means that you don't get to party as much as everyone else because you also work and it means you graduate with a terrifying amount of debt - I was almost forced to quit so many times!
Emma Clement nee Preston 2007While at uni I got a part time job in Selfridges - where I met my Richie - my wonderful gorgeous hubby! I got to go to New York (yey!) where we got engaged. We saw the start of a plethora of cute nieces and 2007 was the year we married! Honeymooned in the Maldives which is just amazing and 2009 gave us our little boy - Blake who is the most amazing little boy followed in 2011 with beautiful Maegan - who's her Daddy's princess!
blake preston clement and maegan darcie clement 2011

Let's finish with 2013 -this year we hope to move house, it might be the year i finally learn to drive (probably not!), we have two new nieces/nephews due and is the year that brought me this challenge! Phew! How's that for 30 years hey?

Hope you've enjoyed! What's happened to you in 30 years?

Emma in Bromley x
emma clement 2013
* I was sent a box of Special K for the purpose of this blog post.

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