Tuesday 28 May 2013

How to stop your bottom from talking

I'd really like to shower alone, but everyday I end up showering to an audience. Such is the joy of motherhood with two small people.

I used to be able to get Blake (3) to stay on the sofa watching Peppa Pig while I kept Meg with me in the bathroom (Our bathroom is rather bijou and there isn't room for 3!) and it worked for a time - as long as I didn't go past the few minutes that Peppa is on for (certainly not a 20 min shower that the pre-mum me would take!). 

But lately, the second I step into the shower, there's a knock at the door (if I'm lucky!) and little man barges into the bathroom! I have to duck down super quick so people don't see me starkers through the landing window!

Sometimes he wants to get into the shower too, sometimes he's just happy to squash his little sister but often he likes to sit on the loo and chat (he's a real chatterbox with a crazy imagination!) 

Sometimes what he has to say makes absolutely no sense at all and I can't help but laugh until I have tears rolling down my cheeks, such as this morning's observation....

"Mummy, point your bottom upwards so it can't talk anymore"

Emma in Bromley 


  1. That's so funny and sounds very familiar, if I go for a quick shower, my little one needs to talk

  2. Haha! Mushroom isn't talking much yet but certainly doesn't let me shower alone... Usually he wants to get in with me but sometimes I can persuade him to 'help' me put soap on my knee, or something. Buys some time. Am looking forward to what he'll come out with when he's talking properly!


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