Tuesday 25 January 2011

What do you cook for an evening meal if your hubby had lunch at Gordon Ramsay's?

Hubby was very lucky today and got to have lunch at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant, he had quite a few items from the taster menu and loved it. I have to say, obviously I'm a little jealous (A cheese sandwich just doesn't fall in the same league) but as a veggie, I can't say that I particularly missed out (except for the chocolate dessert!), I don't think Gordon is a veggie fan, especially one who's allergic to mushrooms!

But my problem is, what am I supposed to cook for Hubby's evening meal now!?

I've defrosted a chicken breast and had a ready made sauce to hand, I didn't have any warning so no time to plan anything and also, its not quite pay day. End of the month in a household with only one salary and of course your looking at whatever you can throw together from the bottom of your freezer!

So my question to you is what would you cook in my situation!

Emma in Bromley x

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