Thursday 20 January 2011

Balloon for 64p anyone? Shopping tip with toddlers in Bromley.

Now my little man is 18 months, he loves nothing more than showing off how independent he is!
During a very quick (3 shops) shopping trip in The Glades, my son kept trying to take me into the newish Partica shop - He was fascinated with all the balloons around the doorway!
Being the softy that I am, and also keen to move on to the next shop without a tantrum I enquired to see how much the balloons cost and was surprised and overjoyed to find I could buy a plain normal looking blue balloon for 64p! The staff were lovely and helpful, they filled the balloon with helium and attached a length of ribbon for me (all included in the 64p!). This kept my little man very happy and busy whilst I finished our shopping off and lasted the next day too! If you don't want to be as northern (thrifty!) as me, you can choose a novelty balloon - they had winnie the pooh ones for £3! (beats the rip off £5 for a small balloon or £7.50 for a large the street guy outside Next charges!!!) I certainly know where my son will be dragging me next time we're in The Glades, and I'll be more than happy to part with 64p to see the joy a balloon can bring! Maybe next time we will pick a red balloon!
Partica - Fancy dress and party supplies shop on the lower level of The Glades.
Emma in Bromley x

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