Wednesday 26 January 2011

Website Wednesday: Trunki ToyBoxes

Lots of my fellow mummy bloggers take part in Wordless Wednesday or Silent Sunday but I thought I'd try something different and start Website Wednesday - I just thought it would be quite a nice way to share some of my online purchases or other online things that I feel would be interesting to my readers.

We were looking for a traditional lovely wooden toybox for our little boy, but all the ones we like cost £300+ and as we just don't have that to spare right now, I was looking for an alternative and decided to look for something completely different to what I had in mind...

My search led me to the Trunki website, although I love the gruffallo trunki case, I hadn't yet purchased anything. I was surprised to see that they also do ToyBoxes, which you can flip upside down and ride on, pull it along, make it rock, stack them, clip them together and make a train etc... The trunki toybox is designed with travel in mind so the lid is pretty secure and the box can be tipped upside down and pulled along on it's wheels and it's also designed to fit into the footwell of a car.

They have an offer on at the mo, we bought 3 toyboxes for £50.01 including postage. The website actually says its 3 for £50 but I don't think they could work out the discount percentage quite right as it's actually £50.01. Enter TOYBOX into the voucher code area at checkout. Normally they are £19.99 each.

My only criticism is that they only come in either blue with green lids or pink with purple lids (isn't it really annoying that kids stuff isn't more unisex and colourful!?) I was surprised given the lovely range of unisex and colourful trunki cases available - couldn't they have done the toyboxes in Gruffalo, Tupi tiger or Bernard the Bee etc...

We have a 19 month old boy and baby number two on the way, we opted for 3 blue ones. I don't know if baby 2 is a girl or a boy but one thing's for sure, I'm not buying everything in pink if it's a girl!

We placed our order last Wednesday (you can't pay by amex by the way) and they arrived on Monday so the wait isn't too long. There is a little assembly involved - its not much, you just have to clip the handles on yourself so they are pretty much ready to roll.

We've had lots of fun playing with them so far. I'm not sure if there is a maximum weight they can take or anything as I can't find this info on the ToyBoxes or the website but I sat on one and it didn't creak or break or anything - although I would guess that this might be frowned upon - they are for kids after all! My little boy is very insistent on me joining in and was roaring with laughter when we linked them together as a train and sat facing each other as we rode around the living room!

Trunki Travel ToyBoxes website:

Emma in Bromley x

Update: We experienced a problem with one of the boxes (surprisingly, not the one I sat on!) and got in touch with Trunki - I was very impressed with their after care and how quickly they sorted the problem. Top Marks for customer service goes to Kathryn at Trunki!

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