Friday 15 October 2010

Igglepiggle's PJ fun! - Goodnight Friend Igglepiggle parent review.

I was very lucky to be sent a Goodnight Friend Igglepiggle to review. I have to say, I'm not sure who was more excited! Me or 15month Blake!

Firstly he got a bit confused for a minute - I'd forgotten to hide his old Igglepiggle and he kept looking from one to the other as if they were having an invisible tennis match....

The age guide on the box is for 2+ and Blake will be 18M at Christmas and I do think that, with obvious common sense and parental supervision, this toy is a lovely one for this age group!

You get a lovely big cuddly Igglepiggle who is dressed in his Pyjamas - these are removable and Blake is loving watching Igglepiggle get dressed! Igglepiggle's PJ's are really cute "wincy" ones with in the night garden print and excellent detail, right down to a collar!

Igglepiggle also has his signature red blanket with a velcro corner so it can stick to Igglepiggle's left hand ( I love that he's a lefty!) and matching red slippers! - It may just be that Blake is a little under the 2+ age guide but so far we have lost (and found) the slippers several times - I've now put them somewhere safe for a little while.

Goodnight Friend Igglepiggle also comes with a working lantern, it comes with batteries already fitted which is always a bonus! (and the way all battery powered toys should come!) You press the little red button on the lantern and it glows for a minute or two before switching itself off. Blake's already grasped how to push the red button so it's easy to use!

He also comes with a book - for me this was a teeny bit disappointing, it's not really what you would call a book - more a leaflet, although all the main characters from In The Night Garden are featured too - I think it would be nice to see a proper book included on future editions.

A great big plus point for Goodnight Friend Igglepiggle is that you can bung him in the wash! (In a pillowcase, cold water, gentle cycle)  Perfect! - especially if you have a boy! Our Igglepiggle's get taken outside for walks a lot, fall off the smart trike, go climbing and exploring, get chocolate covered kisses and often get to share pizza on treat night!

We've had lots of fun playing with Goodnight Friend Igglepiggle, he came with us in the smart trike to meet Blake's daddy from the train station, we've been on a bear hunt with the lantern before bath time, taken Igglepiggle's PJ's off and sat in the bathroom while Blake had his bath - Igglepiggle's blanket was a great pretend towel! We all got our PJ's on at the same time (Yes! Including me!) and we had a story together, we started with the little book that came in the box, followed by Dear Zoo - where Igglepiggle did an excellent Lion roar (with a little help!)... After Blake had drifted off to sleep, Igglepiggle remained tucked up in the bed too.

What a lovely Christmas gift In The Night Garden Goodnight Friend Igglepiggle will make for any toddler, I've spotted him on sale in both the Bromley Argos stores - there is only 6 left today so be quick!

You can also buy him from the ELC - although the Bromley store is out of stock at the moment - He is available online. 

SRP £19.99

For more product information, please visit the Hasbro, Playskool website

Emma in Bromley x

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