Wednesday 13 October 2010

Raising a Son who refuses to say "Mummy"

When my lovely baby boy was about 8 months old, he made plenty of mummy type sounds - including "mummumumumumumummumuum" when he wanted a cuddle or a feed from me - I was quietly smug - he made mum sounds far more than dad sounds however, the smug look on my face was soon wiped off - the mumum sounds stopped as soon as they started and he's now 15 months with not a single mummy sound!

He says Daddy, his first word was Oh Dear! and his vocabulary includes many words and  things such as Duck, Ball, baby, chicken, tiger, dog, dragon, thank you and a sound which means both balloon and bubbles....

He refuses outright to say mummy or anything close to mummy :( in fact, he makes a more of an Emma sound and hubby keeps teasing me saying that our lovely little boy isn't going to call me mummy...

When I was reading up on separation anxiety, I came across an interesting little way of looking at it and it goes something like this...
Because you grow your baby inside you and are attached by the umbilical cord, baby doesn't realise that you are both separate people but actually the same person. I like to think that instead of my son refusing to call me mummy, he just hasn't realised yet that we're not the same thing and therefore, doesn't need to call me anything!

Emma in Bromley x

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