Thursday 8 October 2009

Bargain Alert! Sale at Kurt Geiger in Bromley

About a month ago, I had a sneeky peek in Kurt Geiger in The Glades and fancied a pair of boots - the problem being £89 on a pair of non essential boots when your income is maternity pay isn't a very bright idea so I kept walking....
On my next visit, yesterday, I noticed that they had a sale on ...
same boots were now £49 and I though hmmmm maybe! I went and had cake and tea with family as planned and then went back for another look at the boots - I decided that these were now essential boots  as the semi sensible heel looked good for pram pushing!
I took them to the till to pay ... but what a lovely surprise! It turned out that the boots had been reduced further and were now only £19!
So bargain alert - looks like the shop hasn't finished doing further markdowns!

My £89 Carvela Shona boots reduced to £19!

Kurt Geiger, Upper Shops, The Glades, Bromley.

Happy shoe shopping!
Emma in Bromley x

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