Friday 9 October 2009

The Lavender House Cafe, Sundridge Park, Bromley

A new cafe opened locally to me in Bromley, and no it isn't a fourth Starbucks! The Lavender House Cafe...

This one is full of sweet homemade cupcakes, wholesome soups and man-size sandwiches, there's also a welsh dressers full of cute gifts, wooden toys and cookbooks such as the hummingbird bakery - which I recommend by the way!

They also sell local produce such as delicious kent apple juice and french breads.

The window area boasts a mini table for little ones and a toy corner, you can chose to sit in the main area, the conservatory or if it's dry - the garden - very large garden for children to play in!

The front entrance is a little steep for buggies but it can be done! alternatively you can use the side entrance, there is space to park your buggy, high chairs and baby change facilities - however the baby change is a very tight fit! There's a choice of organic baby foods and they sell single nappy change packs too if you get caught short!

Whilst there isn't a private area for breastfeeding, I was comfortable using a cover and feeding in the cafe as most of the other customers seemed to be mums. There's also bottle warming facilities too.

Depending on Baby/Laptop compatibility - there is a free wifi network in the cafe for customers to use.

Great for lunch or tea & cake, child and baby friendly, good place to meet friends, inspiration for small gifts.

A cupcake costs about £1.60
Lunch for about £5

The Lavender House
26 Plaistow Lane
Sundridge Park
tel: 0208 464 0700
*website not built at time of publication
Facebook group: The Lavender House

Definitely one to visit!

Emma In Bromley x


  1. Hi there Emma,

    SO glad that you enjoyed your time at The Lavender House! Niki and I have tried our hardest to fill the shop with lovely things and provide for all the local Mums. If there's anything that you feel we could be doing better, or if there's anything missing please let us know. We'd love to help.

    All the best,

    Peej & Niki x

  2. Hi Emma
    I found you while looking for something else but I'm so glad I did. I'm forever in Bromley (At Lakeland and Cake Craft) and have been looking for a nice place for a cuppa and a cupcake (not keen on Patisserie Valerie) and you've saved the day! thanks :)

  3. Just came across this while Googling for the Lavender House's Twitter name. I love it there too - just blogged about it:


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Emma x