Thursday 17 September 2009

The Battle of Bathtime! How my baby went from hating bathtime to loving it!

By the time Baby was 9 weeks old, I was starting to really struggle with bathtime! Each and every bath had resulted in hysterical tears from Baby, he did not like baths one little bit.
We were attempting to do a bath every other day with a top and tail wash on the inbetween days and I tried all sorts of tricks to try and get Blake enjoying his baths!

1) I tried getting in the bath too - It made no difference, he still screamed the house down and just ended up utter chaos when I tried to get us both out of the bath, dried and dresses afterwards!

2) I tried varying the bath temperature, a hint from a friend who's baby only enjoys the bath if the water is 36.5 degrees C. That didn't work either!

3) Besides Baby's bath chair, I also introduced a squirty dolphin and a bright red peguin bath mitt  - still no joy

4) I tried singing his comfort song ( If you really want to know, it's the bouncy bouncy song from the mighty boosh!)

5) On the top and tail days I let him splash his hands and feet in the water, but he didn't enjoy that either!

6) we tried bath time at different times from morning, afternoon to evening and it made no difference!

After 9 weeks I came to the conclusion that it's not just a case of getting baby used to the water - he clearly does not like it! 9 weeks and not one happy bath/wash time!

As a last resort and inspired by something I read, I took Blake into the shower with me - and lo and behold! He loved it and I mean L-O-V-E-D it! we had giigles and smiles galore!

After a few shower times, I filled the bath from the shower and now he loves baths too!

Now he is 12 weeks old, Baby loves the bath or shower sooo much, he cries when it's time to come out!

Emma in Bromley

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