Monday 7 September 2009

Mother and Baby Group, Southview Surgery, Bromley, travelling abroad with your baby

My GP's surgery (Southview) is running a mother and baby group for new mummy's - it's run by the health visitors, Sarah and Angela who are both lovely!

Today was the first session, it's every monday in September and today we spoke about travelling abroad with our babies.

Highlights include
 - if your baby is formula fed, you can make up your feeds with bottled water as long as the seal is intact and the sodium level is low, brands such as Evian should be OK
- smother your baby in sunblock (the highest factor you can find such as factor 50 from mothercare) and keep applying it every hour.
- If your baby goes swimming in the pool or sea, wash your baby's skin as soon as baby is out of the water as both seasalt and chlorine are abrasive and can irritate your baby's skin
- make sure your travel insurance covers your baby too.
- if your baby needs a drink of water, take a travel kettle with you and boil bottled water and leave to cool. If outside temperature reaches over 30 degrees, breastfed babies may also need a drink of water too.
-If flying, feed your baby on take off and landing to help equalise baby's ears, and if you are travelling alone and need to go to the loo, always get a crew member to keep an eye on your baby as all crew members have had their police/criminal checks, and even if the person sat next to you seems like the nicest person in the world - you just don't know!

The session was a great way to meet other local mums with their babies and had a good social atmosthere we all had a good chat.
Other weeks will be covering, weaning, sleep, play and development.

Check with your GP's surgery to see if they are also running classes too!

Emma in Bromley

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