Thursday 27 August 2009

Gymboree in Bromley

Tucked away in a corner of The Glades in Bromley is a branch of Gymboree! It's not very noticeable it's hidden between boots and massimo dutti.

Full of classes and fun things to do with your Little ones from age newborn upwards.

Music, arts and crafts and things such as baby signing all take place here.

There's also a soft padded play area too.

Even though it's the school holidays and Bromley was full of little ones today, Gymboree was strangely quiet ...

Then I found out why.... to go to any of the classes, you need to become a member and membership packages start from a whopping £55 a month and keep climbing! You're committed to 12 months! -oh and there is a joining fee too!

This mean that you can't just pop in to an arts and craft session every once in a while, or do the odd class here and there (At that price you would need to do about 3 sessions a week to justify the cost)

NCT members are offered a 20%discount on membership fees and 10% off on the first two months fees if they join in a Babies Gym class as a group of four or more.

However for a fiver you can use the soft padded play area - this isn't a class or anything and if it's a soft padded play area your after - there is a huuuuge one across the road in the civic centre!

If gymboree let you pay per class, this would be a fantastic place to go but the high membership fees really put me off - not something I can imagine most new mums want to commit to, especially in a credit crunch!

Emma in Bromley

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