Tuesday 25 August 2009

Mummy bloggers - article on The Independant

The Independant published an article on Mummy bloggers and it makes for an interesting read.
Parts of the article are provoking, such as the suggestion that the blogs are started by lonely mums ( I don't believe this is the main reason) but other parts are great - any support for mummy bloggers is great and I do hope more and more mums will start blogging!
Read the article here ...

Follow up - The journalist has made an entry about all the contraversy this caused on her own blog if you would like to read that too ...

Emma in Bromley


  1. Hi Emma,

    I saw this link on newmummy and can't believe what a response it provoked. I think blogging is great and I love doing mine because family who I don't get to see often can read on Soraya's progress etc and it's fun! Keep up yours xx

  2. Thanks Carly!

    It's a lovely way to keep family involved in our little one's lives, I also have family who are quite far away.


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