Monday 1 February 2016

Valentines Day 2016 - A Cosy Night In.

Valentines day 2016
As parents it can often be a little difficult to find a way to celebrate Valentine's - its not that straight forward to just pop out for a meal or a movie and you can't expect an interruption free evening at home so trying to create that romantic little moment thats all important to connect on can be a challenge!

Mr and Mrs Cushions from Jemimas Locket Faux Fur Throw B&Q
The key is to get cosy - you've got to grab that relaxing snuggle feeling so spread out a faux fur throw  and squidge into a couple of comfy cushions - these Mr and Mrs cushions from Jemima's Locket are absolutely perfect with their romantic blend - great to snuggle into and settle down for a romantic evening in. 

Beefayre Bee Mine Rose Candle

Fragrance is always one of my favourite ways to set the tone and nothing beats a candle as either a gift or a great way to create the setting. This Rose scented bee mine candle from Beefayre is literally made for love - the scent is amazing and the glass the candle is set into is beautiful. 

I made up some note books from Snapfish as I liked the idea of using photos to reflect our family (our love) to use on a daily basis - that little reminder at work or when I'm writing a shopping list! I love to add a dash of romance to every day life  - besides choosing from a really great range of cover designs to personalise with your own photos - you can also opt to include a printed message on the inside cover too - your own secret love note!

And just because we are a family - I had to make one up for the children too so that can also have a little gift on Valentine's day and feel included too. 

Stock up on movies, popcorn and chocolate and take a moment to connect with your partner (whilst keeping your fingers crossed for no interruptions from the little people upstairs!)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Emma in Bromley xx

ps. I Love You x

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