Monday 29 February 2016

2-in-1 Sticker Magic Review

We've been busy making stickers with the 2 in 1 Sticker Magic from Flair.

"2-in-1 Sticker Magic is the fun and easy to use sticker machine! Create and customise your own stickers! It magically turns any picture you like into lovely personalised stickers! Simply laminate to give a nice glossy finish to your favourite images. Place your design on the sticky tape, twist the handle and see it magically turn into a unique personalised sticker. Use the fabulous images included, or draw your own designs to make pretty customised stickers! You can turn any drawing, picture or photo into a very cool sticker to stick anywhere or share with friends!  RRP £19.99"

2-in-1 Sticker Magic with Blake Clement

2-in-1 sticker magic is pretty much ready to use straight from the box, the tape roll  and sticker roll are already loaded.
2-in-1 Sticker Magic
The kit comes with 2 sheets of printed images for you to personalise or cut out and turn into stickers by placing face down on the tape and turning the handle clockwise.

2-in-1 Sticker Magic

Blake (age 6) and Maegan (age 4) really enjoyed drawing their own designs on paper to cut out and turn into stickers.
2-in-1 Sticker Magic

As you turn the handle clockwise, your stickers come out at the front face down. It's completely manual so no batteries are needed (and as you use the safety scissors for cutting, there are no sharp parts)

2-in-1 Sticker Magic

The stickers come out on a continuous roll so you need to carefully cut out your designs a second time. We liked to place a few designs on the tape at a time, otherwise you end up with a lot of blank unused tape and sticker roll. 

2-in-1 Sticker Magic
We used some of the stickers we created to decorate home made birthday cards.

2-in-1 Sticker Magic

And for creating our own super hero characters - which we later recreated with the plain paper roll instead of the sticker backing so we used the 2-in-1 sticker magic to laminate creations. We've done this to make the designs into simple drinking straw puppets and bookmarks.

2-in-1 Sticker Magic
It's a little awkward to swap from sticker backing to paper roll so a grown up needs to do that bit and the very first time we used it, the stickers weren't coming out so I had to reload the sticker roll. The set comes with very clear diagrams and instructions.

2-in-1 Sticker Magic
Flair also sell refill packs which is handy as the set comes with enough to create 15meters of stickers - we used about half in just one afternoon so I'll be ordering a refill pack soon!

The 2-in-1 sticker magic is part of the Cool Create Range which has its own online club:

“For all things creative, competitions and more, children can sign up to the Cool Create Club online and parents can follow @CoolCreateClub on Facebook and Twitter”

Disclaimer - I received a 2-in-1 Sticker Magic for my consideration - all thoughts, words and link choices are my own.

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