Thursday 22 August 2013

Lost children of Syria, Chemical Attack Massacred Children

This post is upsetting. There are deeply disturbing photos at the bottom of this post.

In June 2012 I posted as part of britmums day of protest as a way to raise awareness of the atrocities happening in Syria, I'm sad to say this is still on my mind, very worrying that nothing has happened to stop it and very much still in the news.

There's a photo circulating twitter - it shows lots of children laying on the floor and the caption is What are we looking at? survivors? Followed by caution, very upsetting picture.

Whether these children are just playing , sleeping or never going to wake up or even if the photo is from Syria, can't be determined by the photo but paired with the limited media stories and what Syria is capable of, I fear the worst. 

This first photo comes from Roddy Mansfield a sky investigative and undercover journalist.

My heart wants to say this is a photo of children playing sleeping bunnies and I really hope my heart is right but my mind is telling me these are children who will never play again given the news reports suspecting chemical attacks in Syria.

There are more photos which have come from twitter and Instagram today - all claim to be from Syria and chemical attacks and all have brought me to tears and prayers. 

There are cruel people and awful crimes against children and innocent people everyday, everywhere but Syria, this should not be happening. 

UNICEF syria's children's appeal

Save the Children Petition to encourage Nick Clegg to take action when he meets with the UN next month

Come on UN stop it from happening now please.

I'd also like to request consideration from Britmums and my fellow bloggers for another "Day of protest" (unless its already been done and I just missed it!)

The photos below are very upsetting...


Britmums Day of Protest 2 

massacred children from a chemical attack in Syria, 22.08.13

Emma in Bromley xx

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