Monday 25 February 2013

Zulily Highlights week beginning 25th Feb 2013

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I am a regular shopper on Zulily - in my opinion it offers the best baby and children deals and I have to say, most of my money goes on toy sales!

What to expect this week:

Baby Gear:

Bump Rider: Easily connected to any buggy or pram, Bumprider is an innovative take on stand-on boards for child carriages - Thursday 28th
Pushchairs and Playtime: Pushchairs and other baby gear from Asalvo - 2nd March


Monchhichi: You might remember these from an 80s cartoon! Retro toys – Tuesday 26th Feb
Orange Tree Toys: Wooden toys – Wednesday 27th Feb
The Orb Factory: Toys designed to develop hand-and-eye coordination, number and pattern recognition and more – Wednesday 27th Feb
Seedling: Educational toys to stimulate the mind! – Wednesday 28th Feb
Tumblekins: Made from real wood, Tumblekins are classic vehicles with a fun twist – 2nd March

Children’s clothing, shoes and accessories:

Rufflebutts: Fun, frilly styles no little booty should be without – Monday 25th February
Pre Shoes and Leather Slippers: From peppery piglets to space hoppers, these are super stylish, leather baby shoes - Monday 25th February
Nanette Dresses: Gorgeous brand for girly girls - Tuesday 26th February
Minimink on ZulilyLipfish: Bright and colourful Swedish brand with animals! – Thursday 28th Feb
Minimink: Australian high quality luxury faux fur blankets for prams and other accessories etc – Thursday 28th Feb
Finkid: Popular, high quality outer wear from Germany – Wednesday 27th Feb
Amore Di Mamma: Amore di Mamma means 'a mother's love' – boys and girls apparel from this classic style brand – Thursday 28th Feb
Urban Elk: Scandinavian baby and kidswear brand featuring pukka prints and high-quality 100% certified organic cotton – Thursday 28th Feb
Easter themed day: Featuring Lourdes, Powelcraft Dresses and Chic Baby – Friday 1st March
Zoobugs: Sunglasses for kids. Developed by an eye surgeon who was searching for sunglasses for her niece, Zoobugs will be at Global Kids Fashion Week on the catwalk! – Friday 1st March
Suoak: Boys and girls apparel from this New York based, contemporary, eclectic brand - Saturday 2nd March

D for Diamond on ZulilyGifts and Home:

Cake Stand Fantastic: Cake stands galore - Monday 25th February
Fun mealtimes at school and; everyday: Lunchboxes and animal plates – Tuesday 26th Feb
D for Diamond: Jewellery for children with a diamond in each piece! Thursday 28th Feb

Women’s wear and Accessories:

Women’s Designer Sunglasses: Calvin Klein, Jill Sander and Guess - Monday 25th February

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