Thursday 28 February 2013

Isabella Coobmer fund raising day

I bought a raffle ticket this morning in my local co-op on Moorside Road. Its something the staff have organised, even though the cashier confided that the manager wasn't keen!

This raffle is to help raise money for a little girl, she's only 2 and has a rare brain tumour.

I hadn't heard of Isabella Coobmer before this morning, even though she's a local child and I have to say I couldn't help but feel disappointment in our NHS.

This little lady is very strong, she went through surgery and chemo to shrink ther rare brain tumour but what's left is cancerous and she needs proton therapy to stand a chance of surviving.

Proton therapy is available on the NHS however, Isabella doesn't meet the criteria! So the family are faced with the challenge of raising over £100,000 to get the treatment in America before its too late! It's Isabella's only chance of life.

I'm disappointed that a 2 year old doesn't automatically meet the NHS criteria, surely such a young child's life is valuable?

I was pleased to contribute with my raffle donation, as I'm sure many will feel this is worth helping to raise the funds for, but isn't it disappointing that we should have to raise money to send a 2 year old to America for treatment that's already available here? I'd understand if it was something we didn't have in the UK but it is! Makes you question how much money the government is wasting and miss spending.

There's an upcoming fundraising day ...

Saturday, 2nd March 2013 from 12 noon to 4 p.m..
at the Ringway Centre

All money raised will go to Isabella's Fund. Isabella is a 2-year old little girl who has a cancerous brain tumour.
It is necessary to raise £100,000 by September for her to get to the USA for the treatment she needs to prolong her life,
There will be cakes sales, face painting, raffles, guess the name of the teddy, guess how many sweets, hook-a-duck, bouncy castle, etc.

For further information click on the links below.

Link to the event page for the fundraising fun day for Isabella!/events/504799942897907/?fref=ts
Link to Isabella's page with her story and supporters!/isabellastory?fref=ts
Link for donating money to Isabella's fund

Emma in Bromley x

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