Thursday 23 August 2012

Fun afternoon in Bromley and Downham

I'm doing our regular walk to the post office when I spot a white tent on the green grassy bit opposite the school on Launcelot Road and my instant thought was oh no - a police tent!
Given that in the past 3 weeks there was a 16 year old stabbed to death followed a week later by a knock on our door to see if we had witnessed anything after someone tried to break into our neighbours house with a shovel, I think that's a justified reaction!

However - this wasn't a police tent at all - it was something lovely for a change!

The local youth project had put on a fun afternoon for the local residents of Launcelot Road, Bromley (br1) Downham border.

The white tent was a make your own smoothie bar - where you power the blender by cycling!

There was also a marquee for karaoke - not one for me, I'm only allowed (or should that be aloud!) to sing in church - I'm banned from any other singing!

Blake really fancied a go on the huge inflatable slide - but to get to the slide you had to scale a wall inside and he was just to small to manage it and I couldn't go in to help him up! Ended up helping him get back out :(

And another inflatable that I've not seen before with a massive planet to dodge while people pushed it at you!

All looked fun and was a refreshing change for the local community (except maybe the portaloo!)

Emma in Bromley xx

launcelot road bromley downham fun afternoon youth project

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