Sunday 26 August 2012

Our Lollibop 2012 round up

We went to the wonderful "Lollibop" festival in Regents Park, London on Friday 17th August and we had the most amazing time!

My little ones are Blake aged 3years and Maegan aged 14months.

We were travelling into charing cross and then taking the bakerloo line to regents park tube stop and then walking through the park.

It was a tough journey with little ones and a pram - lots and lots and lots of steps! Luckily though, there were a few kind gentlemen around to help on some of the steps but for next year, I will definitely be revising my route!

collage of photos of Blake and Maegan Clement having fun at Lollibop 2012 Regents Park LondonThere was so much going on that there was no chance of boredom - there was so much to do that one day really wasn't enough and I might consider doing two days next year!

We got there just in time to catch The Gruffalo on stage - Blake had been very much looking forward to this! It had already started but that didn't matter - you were welcome to join in (or leave) at any point with the live acts.

Yoga with the waybuloos was fun for both my little people and was sooo cute to see all the children who joined in! So many adorable little people!

Blake had a great time riding a balance bike around a circuit in the halfords tent which included a hill, tunnel and monster!

We had lunch under the shaded area in front of the village green stage which showed funny acts while we had a picnic! - plenty of beanbags and deck chairs around! We watched this great performer (George, i think) who was a hoot but I felt sorry for him! There were a couple of kids who were a right handful! - one tried to pull the entertainer off a tightrope and a girl passed underneath him! Eek!

Had an amazing time in the B&Q mini makers tent - Blake made a coaster - there was an excellent man who can only be a grandpa who helped Blake saw the wood to make his coaster and then he moved on to another table to sand down the edges and on to a decorating table to do painting and sticking!

The 3ft and under area was awesome for both my little people - lots of little tykes toys, slides, cottages and cars! Lots of wow! Toys and a soft play tent - Meg's favourite! a classes area with baby sensory, signing and baby ballet, and a tent where Blake took part in a magic show!

There was a play area full of games and toys that Blake enjoyed while I fed Meg with yummy freebies from the Ella's kitchen stand!

Blake had free haribo's that people were giving out!

We saw a bit of the zingzillas live on stage - they truly rocked! And Blake had his face painted for the first time - as a tiger raaahh!

The day wouldn't be complete without an ice cream! plenty of ice cream vans about :)

There were bits we missed such as the John lewis lane which looked like a row of shops full of toys! And the transformers stand - the queues didn't have any cover and we found it to hot to keep waiting - it was a glorious hot and sunny day! The puppet making sounded great but we just ran out of time! Meant to try again later but there was just so much fun going on!

There were several sets of portaloos around and a couple of boob and botty tents - nappies, wipes, changing mats, microwaves, bottle warmers and water fountains all free to use and a private area for breastfeeding with thanks from John Lewis.

As a blogger, I was invited to visit the bloggers lounge which was great - refreshments and shade for the kids with colouring in pictures a welcome 5 min break!

Most definitely want to go again next year! An amazing day out! 

Emma in Bromley xx

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