Friday 20 April 2012

Stuff Every Mom Should Know book review and giveaway

I was recently sent a copy of "Stuff Every Mom Should Know" by Heather Gibbs Flett and Whitney Moss.
It's a sweet handbag friendly sized hardback book full of handy tips for all stages of motherhood from Baby to Tween and beyond!
stuff every mom should know review and giveaway
The Baby section includes things such as how to swaddle (Baby Origami!), travelling on an airplane, how to meet other mums and my favourite - Make a Boo-Boo bunny!

Little Kid Stuff is full of really great things from photography tips, building blanket forts, getting rid of bedroom monsters, how to raise a good citizen and fun animal facts! One of the sections here is about Potty Training which I'm finding really useful as its something I'm attempting to do with Blake at the moment!

I really enjoyed the bit on comebacks for unsolicited parenting advice and halloween costume ideas in the section for Big Kid Stuff and it made me think about things to come when I read the dealing with lice page!

The Tween stuff includes tips about keeping them safe online and covert hugs! There was a section on foods they should be able to cook and at the end of the book is a bit about what you should know that the book couldn't tell you!

There were a few bits that were quite American such as the section on being a Soccer Mom but I found that the tips were things that could easily transfer to other areas!

Its little pages are packed full of helpful ideas and the writers are the ladies behind - Overall I thought it was a handy little book and would make quite a sweet little gift for any mums or mums to be!

£6.99 published by Quirk Books available on Amazon

I'm lucky enough to have five copies up for grabs for my lovely readers!

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning one, please leave me a comment below telling me what your top parenting tip would be!

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  1. They should give this book to all new mums as they were about to leave hospital after giving birth!
    My top tip would be: Pick your battles and don't sweat the small stuff especially when entering the terrible 2's.
    From @lynnychops

  2. my top tip would be to go with your instincts!


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  4. Let them watch you brush your teeth from an early age and brush your own teeth alongside them.

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  7. My top parenting tip would be to always repeat the mantra, 'It's not their fault, it's not their fault', so that you remain calm and collected when a disaster is unfolding. For example, I now have two young baby boys, Aron who is 16 months old and Aidan who is 2 weeks old. We were talking to a friend outside our flat and Aron started screaming at the top of his lungs as he was getting impatient. This set the baby off, who start clucking for a feed and omg it was loud and stressful to say the least. Repeating 'It's not their fault, it's not their fault' in my head made me realise that Aron was uncomfortable and just needed to get out of the pram and walk about and Aidan was due for a feed. It helped me to calm down from the inside and tend to them in an efficient way, so as to minimise any further stress and pain - sorry for the essay! Best of luck everyone :-)

  8. my tip is to pick your battles with teenagers carefully, as you cant win every one and it sometimes is OK to lose!

  9. I think my tip would be go with the flow, make it up as you go along and TRY not to feel pressured by other mums or family members who of course think they know better @MummyFever

  10. Morning, entered for first time mum,Laura my daughter, and her first child, Summer, this is agreat book re your review, i think understanding is a key with children of any age, firm but kind

  11. My top tip would also be to pick your battles! remember how little they really are and if all else fails when they are grouchy, put them in water!

    The book sounds fab, going to look out for it! X

  12. My top tip is Dont forget they are only kids,So what ever they do they dont actually mean to be naughty lol

    Wow that book looks great :)

  13. The best thing i have found is that by including my kids in cooking from day dot practically, neither are fussy eaters and love to eat fresh homecooked food :)

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  15. My top parenting tip would be to allow the kids to be kids, and make sure they have fun every day making memories

  16. My top parenting tip is both father and mother should spend some time daily with their kids asking how their day went etc

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    Congratulations to all the winners!

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    Congratulations! xx

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