Thursday 19 April 2012

Cake lingerie licorice nursing bar and knickers review

I'm currently breastfeeding my second baby and I was sent a beautiful nursing bra set from award winning Cake Lingerie to review.

This was my first underwired nursing bra - actually it's the first underwired bra I've worn in about three and a half years as I've been back to back in pregnancies and breastfeeding!

Cake Lingerie Flexible wire nursing bra and knicker Licorice maternity braUntil the opportunity came to do this review, I didn't even know you could get underwired maternity and nursing bras - I think these must have been something that came out between my pregnancies!

Cake Lingerie carried out research into underwire bras and have found their flexible wire offers superior support and shape when properly fitted (suitable for months 3-9 in pregnancy and after week 3 post birth) I was hesitant as I've suffered from the odd blocked milk duct here and there but the better fit of the flexible underwire is less likely to cause mastitis than the restriction of non- wired traditional nursing bras.

I've been wearing boring old plain t-shirt nursing bras (I bought a twin pack 1 black and 1 grey - honestly! Why do these bras come in grey marl cotton!) - I like a thin layer of padding as I wear reusable breast pads (these are thicker than disposable breast pads but comfier, cheaper and greener!) and I'm self conscious that you can see the outline through clothes! I found this was the case with the Licorice bra as it hasn't got any padding but only with some tops, I was surprised my pads weren't as noticeable as I felt!

I really loved the style of the drop down cups on my Cake Bra, not fiddly at all and the straps aren't ridiculously wide like I've found on other brands.
I love the detail, the way these look, fit and feel like a "proper" bra and are a reasonable price for the set... and the underwire meant the bra fitted better in the cleavage which resulted in a noticed reduction in "crumb collection" at the end of the day!
I've washed my set several times in a net lingerie bag on 30 and it's washed well!

Cake Lingerie Flexible wire nursing bra and knicker Licorice set I was very very happy to be sent something pretty from Cake Lingerie - its good to see that they're are beautiful maternity and nursing options available and I'm loving the special flexible underwiring!

My set is the Licorice set - black mesh and lace with a gold pattern, but I also have to say I admired the new "cotton candy" and would recommend it not only as a sleep bra but for those days after birth when your milk comes in! I knew what to expect after the birth of my daughter because she was my second baby, so smug me had bought a sleep bra in a size up for my milk coming in - but what I hadn't bargained for was to be in a solid sore swollen state so bad that I couldn't actually get a larger size on! I ended up wearing a vestie with a shelf support! The "cotton candy" sounds like it would have been a welcome solution!

I'm hankering after more from Cake Lingerie!

Emma in Bromley xx

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