Tuesday 28 February 2012

The chip suation!

I love a good chip, so does my hubby and my 8month old daughter and so did my two year old!

Lately Blake, my two year old is going through a particularly fussy eating stage (that's particularly stressful for me!)

So here he was, the kid that loved a chip since he was 8months too and now? Now he only eats "old macdonalds" chips!

Refuses my home made oven chips, home made sweet potato wedges, chunky chips or frozen French fries - he doesn't even touch them but will gobble up the best part of a happy meal chip portion from maccy-d's without even breathing!

Thing that gets me most? How the heck does he know the difference if he doesn't even touch the ones I do at home?

And yep I've even tried adding a teeny sprinkle of salt and serving them in a paper bag!

Emma in Bromley xx

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