Thursday 26 January 2012

Appliances Online Yummy Food Competition

We've never entered an art competition before... We almost came close ... Recently there was one on the TV with a dinosaur toy as a prize - my two year old created a lovely picture and I actually thought he'd stand a chance of winning one of the prizes- the dinosaur had been something on his letter to father Christmas which he didn't get (don't feel sorry for him, he got loads of toys!) but when it came to posting the picture - he couldn't do it, he was very attached to it - so now it sits in our kitchen :)

I was very excited to come across this art competition - and so was Blake as it means he gets to keep his entry! It was also a welcome task - we've been housebound with chicken pox for a little while (first Meg, now Blake!)

I'm sharing this picture as an entry into the Appliances online ‘Yummy food competition’ hosted on the “A boy with Aspergers” blog

For your entry, your child needs to draw or create a picture showing what their favourite food is and there are a few other terms outlined too.

Blake decided to do pizza - his second favourite (his true fave is chocolate but I didn't think a plate of brown scribble would look that good!)

I used Claire's suggestion of doing a plate outline for him to use - and he's filled it in with wax crayons, pencil crayons, paint pens and glitter glue he took an awful lot of time picking out what to do and was able to explain bits - yellow cheese, red tomato sauce, green veg - but I'm not sure what the blue, (or glittery) bits are supposed to be - I'm guessing Blueberries - he has a current thing for them. 

I think you will agree that this is pretty awesome work by a chicken pox ridden two (and a half) year old - but I guess all mums think their kids art work is the bees knees!

If he's a winner - he's going to buy that dinosaur toy and something for his baby sister, Maegan too! 

The Competition is open until 6th feb and the winner wins a generous £100 Amazon voucher! - Think you can take on Blake's entry?

Pizza - an Art interpretation by Blake aged 2.

Emma in Bromley x

Wohoo! Blake won! - absolutely the worlds most proud mummy right now!!!

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