Wednesday 15 June 2011

Scuttlebug review

We were lucky to be sent a Mookie Scuttlebug to review.

He's been a huge hit in our house! Ours looks like a red ladybird but there are a few other designs to chose from including Blue Dragonfly, Pink Flowerbug and Yellow Bumble Bee with an RRP of £29.99

Scuttlebug comes ready to play and is very easy to use - his legs fold flat in a matter of seconds so he's very portable!

Blake is almost two and can easily zip about in his scuttlebug - it's very sturdy and simple to steer.

Recommend you use a helmet with your scuttlebug - Blake does have one, even though it's not featured in my photos.

Any thing I'd change? Not really, maybe I'd include a parent strap so I can carry scuttlebug over my shoulder when he's not being used but he actually fits in one of my cloth bags!

Update -March 2012. - new photos from our trip to Wales!

We've had scuttlebug for the best part of a year - he's still a firm favourite and has been great! I regularly recommend one to all my friends and have bought several as gifts.

Definitely on my parenting must have lists!

Maegan, who's 9 months is looking forward to her turn and now I need to think of a replacement toy for Blake when he reaches 3 in June!

Emma in Bromley xx

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