Tuesday 26 April 2011

4d and 3d baby scans in the Bromley area.

When I was pregnant the first time round, I had a 4d scan in Lancaster where my parents live. We had a fantastic time and I loved seeing how our baby looked - we didn't find out with baby 1 if we were having a girl or a boy and it was fun to get everyone guessing from the facial features on the scan. The other lovely thing was, we actually recognised him from the 4d scan when he was born - it really did give a true representation.

Now I'm pregnant with baby 2 we were keen to have a 3d/4d scan again, but this time we wouldn't be travelling all the way to the north west and were looking for something a little closer to Bromley.

I'm aware that there isn't anywhere actually in Bromley so I started looking into other nearby locations and we found somewhere in Sevenoaks - a 45 min drive away called The Avenue Clinic.

The Avenue Clinic only does the 4d scans on either a monday evening or a saturday, we booked for a saturday so we could make a day of it with our toddler - we went to Knole park afterwards so he could chase deer and run free!

It was a little tricky to find, Sat Nav got us to the right street but the clinic is actually an annex to someones house and has a very small sign that we almost missed! The reception area was welcoming and the room we had the scan in was large, bright and airy - and had enough chairs for everyone - nobody minded that besides myself and hubby, we also had our energetic toddler and my in-laws with us. Ohhh and the loo was lovely!

There is a flat screen tv on the wall so I could see everything in comfort and the scan started with a few routine checks and measurements to check all is progressing ok with the baby before launching into the pure vanity of trying to capture good images of baby's face. We left with a string of excellent printed photos and a cd with images and video clips on it.

The clinic only accepts cash or cheque as payment so we had to visit a cash point before we started the scan (who has a cheque book these days!!!) Our package was £165.

I'm struggling to find any other 4d scans in the Bromley area, a friend had suggested Apeekaboo imaging over in Erith but I've sent 3 emails and left 2 telephone messages and haven't had any replies so I assume they are no longer in business.

BMI Chelsfield Park Hospital press office got in touch with me to say they will be offering 4d scans in the near future which will be very handy for Bromley parents to be.

Has anyone else had a 4d scan? where did you go and what did you think?

Emma in Bromley

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  1. Hi Emma,

    My wife and I have been going to Apeekaboo Imaging which claims to be in Erith but is more Thamesmead. It takes us about 30-45mins to get there and the ladies are so nice and friendly. Would gladly recommend them to anyone.

    Keep up the Blog!


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