Monday 21 February 2011

What's really inside your Bounty pack?

I'm 23 weeks pregnant and have finally managed to collect my Bounty pack from Boots, after months of it being out of stock.

A long time ago before I became a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum) I was on Online Marketing Manager for a maternity clothing company and both Bounty and Emma's Diary came to see me about advertising in their packs. Both reps came along with sample packs for me to see, after all, they were asking for  £10k in return for an advert. The packs I saw were fantastic, full of lovely goodies from fizzy pop, muslin cloths, washing powder, toiletries, bibs, chocolate bars, room thermometers, nappies, nipple cream, baby wipes, feeding spoons, breast pads, hot drinks, nappy cream, bubble bath, vouchers, magazines, snacks etc...

So what did I get in the Bounty pack I collected today?
A pampers new born nappy and pack of 12 wipes.
A tiny pot of sudocrem.
Fairy washing powder tablets for one wash (no fabric softener).
Ovaltine sachet.
A pair of Avent breast pads.
And six leaflets.

No magazine, not as may samples as I thought you would get and overall I felt a bit disappointed that this is all Bounty thought my information was worth! In return for my personal details, I'd expected a pack just like the one the rep showed me when I was on the other side of the table!

As yet I haven't been able to swap my Emma's diary voucher for a pack as they too are constantly out of stock in both Argos stores and I haven't made it out to Chislehurst yet to the Lloyds pharmacy.

Anyone else like to share what they got in their packs and where in Bromley they managed to find packs in stock!

Emma in Bromley x


  1. That's pretty much what I got in the pack when I was pregnant, and the Emma's diary and lloyds ones were pretty much the same. I was expecting something a little more exciting!

    Apparently here in Cyprus you almost need an extra bag when you leave the hospital for all the stuff they give you!

  2. Thank you for your reply, it's funny how things vary from place to place - I like the sound of all the stuff you get in Cyprus!

  3. I had the same when pregnant with max so haven't even bothered this time around! x

  4. Emma have you checked out Mama Packs?

  5. Hi Emma
    I have had 2 lil ones who are 3 years old and 8 months old. It did seem the bags 3 years ago had more goodies in them but then i would imagine alot of companies are economizing nowadays. 3 years ago i think i received only 2 bags but with my recent baby i got about 5 so i was well chuffed with the free stuff plus they took a wonderful photo of my lil one xx

  6. when i had my daughter who is now 22 the bounty packs came in a cardboard box and was bursting at the seams with free food samples nappies /wipes drinks money off coupons toys books etc. when i recently saw a friends small plastic bag it was a terrible content infact it did not match the picture on the bounty card at all.just a load of junk mail really

  7. That's why they don't tell you on the web site what is actually in these 'goody' bags - No-one would bother to ask for them let alone give out their personal details. Also, that's why the bags are not clear but white instead - so that you can't see what's inside. I was curious at first but now won't be bothering. Bounty are in business and can't give too much away but they should not mislead and should state exactly what is inside to save mothers-to-be from being disappointed and also to save them from wasting their time going to all the effort to get a pack with virtually nothing in it.

  8. I collected a bounty pack today from argos I got 4 aldi nappies 2 packs aldi wipes a small bapantham and leaflets a bit annoying not even pampers samples. when my son who is now 4 was due I got loads- from caffeiene free coke cans to coc bars, fruit flakes, nappies wipes pampers vouchers off ect si I was a bit saddened.


Thank you for your comments

Emma x