Saturday 12 December 2009

Did you know? Mothercare has a blog! and a new Baby and Me club

I came accross this via a recent email campaign and had no idea mothercare were blogging! I couldn't find any obvious links from the mothercare website but you can read it by clicking here -
It's in its early stages but hopefully it will blossom quickly and offer some exciting reads!

As a former online marketing manager - it always makes me smile when I see companies taking this approach! So far I'd say the Mothercare blog is spot on as they are not using it to just promote their goods but also making sure the blog is filled with interesting reads!

I liked reading the Christmas tree entry as it's something I've just been discussing with my hubby! We're planning on going Christmas tree shopping tomorrow - anyone know the best places in Bromley to go for a real tree?

Besides the Mothercare blog, I noticed another new feature too - Mothercare's Baby and Me club - offering relevant info and offers to your particular stage of pregnancy or parenting. 

Emma in Bromley xx

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