Friday 11 December 2009

Christmas tales: the legends of Santa

I'm sat here watching itv's Christmas tales: the legends of Santa with Fiona Phillips and thought it deserved a mention on my Blog because the Santa's grotto they keep showing is our very own one from The Glades, Bromley. But the thing is, watching this program has given me the sillies! ( I can't stop giggling!)

Let's talk about the strange voice over choices!
There is a German lady talking about her traditions and the voice over is a strong south Wales accent!
One voice over is for a New Yorker (why they need a voice over for a New Yorker - I don't know!) and for some reason the voice has a very noticeable lisp and another is for a young girl who's real voice is a deep Barry white-esque voice but has been voiced over by a high pitched girl!

Look out for the Kid with flock of seagulls hair! - I wonder why anyone would do that to their kid! Didn't look like footage from the eighties either!

I popped out of the room to grab a drink and came back to see a load of people with their faces painted black and wondered what on earth I was looking at - it looked a bit suspect! but turned out to be their tradition in honour of a Spanish man called Black Peter who took all the naughty kids away in a sack on a ship to Spain for a year - sounds very dodgy and I'm really not sure why people would want to dress up as this person either!

Overall I found the program entertaining but probably not in the way the producers hoped for!

If you missed it - you can watch it here ... but be warned - the adverts are annoying as you have to watch them no matter which part of the program you want to see!

Emma in Bromley x

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