Monday 28 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide 2016 - Part 1

Welcome to my Christmas Gift Guide 2016 - Part 1 - The Edit!
I know Christmas is fast approaching so I wanted to create a simple to read, click, shop guide to be a helping hand or a spot of inspiration - after all that is what we need isn't it? 
BigJigs Winter Wonderland Train Set - Wooden Christmas Train - Christmas Gift Guide 2016 - Emma in Bromley
BigJigs Winter Wonderland Christmas Train Set - Perfect as either a gift for a little one, or great as a decoration around the base of your Christmas tree or as a table centre for Christmas lunch. Great quality trusted brand and compatible with most leading wooden train sets.
Lottie Dolls - Best Doll - Christmas Gift Guide 2016 - Emma in Bromley
Lottie Dolls - In my opinion, the best doll for girls age 3- 11 (and boys - there is also a Finn doll). Lottie comes in a diverse selection of skin, eye and hair tones, is modelled on a true 9 year old body shape and comes with age appropriate clothing and accessories. Pro-Girl, promotes positive body image and an introduction to STEAM, sport and equal rights. Has won many awards - rightly so.
Christmas Sylvanian Families and Toystory Aquabeads - Christmas Gift Guides - Christmas 2016 - Emma in Bromley
I'm in love with this festive Christmas Sylvanian Families set - complete with santa outfit for chocolate bunny, a bunny snowman, a Christmas tree and lots of gifts and accessories - you can decorate the tree however you wish and chose any decoration for your snow bunny.
Toy Story Aquabeads - oh my! Aquabeads are amazing  - these literally keep both of my children (girl age 5 and boy age 7) entertained and inspire them to be creative. Great gift for children age 5-10.
Messy goes to Okido Toy and Magazines, Peter Rabbit DVD and Masha and the Bear DVD - Christmas 2016 - Christmas Gift Guide - Emma in Bromely
Messy Goes To Okido is a TV show for children age 3-8 offering a great introduction to science and art in a fun way. The Messy Monster toy is a talking plush suitable from birth. Messy goes to Okido magazine subscription would make a great gift whilst the colouring in book is a perfect stocking filler.
New DVD releases from Abbey home media include a festive edition of Masha and the Bear along with all time favourite Peter Rabbit - The tale of the great rabbit and squirrel adventure.
Top 4 Books for Christmas 2016 - Christmas Gift Guide - Emma in Bromley
The Gloriumptious World of Roald Dahl - a wonderful treasury of facts, snippets and fun from all the worlds created in Dahl's books.
Alice in Wonderland Puzzles and Games - a great selection of challenges.
Kew - The Botanical Treasury - Beautifully illustrated collection of flowers, comes in a slip case and box containing all 40 of the art prints from the book ready to be framed.
Treasures of British History - exactly as it says - treasures - this book packed full of interesting knowledge contains envelops within the pages with additional elements such as map, speeches and copies of booklets.
Alice in Wonderland collection of puzzles - Emma in Bromley - Christmas 2016
Alice in Wonderland Puzzles and Games - a great selection of puzzles, conundrums, riddles, games and challenges broken down into difficulty level and all wonderfully illustrated... and of course there is a solutions booklet! Suitable for all ages above 8.
Sam Flack - Another Man's treasure, yankee Candle - Gift Guide - Christmas 2016 - Emma in Bromley
Great shadow box art work by Sam Flack at Another Mans Treasure - using vintage and reclaimed board games, Sam can create the perfect piece of art for your recipient, a perfectly tailored gift or browse from the ready created selection.
Yankee Candle have brought out a lovely festive selection of fragrances, here I've featured, Festive Cocktail, Star Anise and Orange, All is Bright and a larger Turquoise Sky candle for a moment of escape.
Anyone who has followed me for a while will know how much I love Schleich, Their horses and riders are a great gift for children interested in horses or farm life - the attention to detail is perfect and children love the size and feel of Schleich.
Project Mc Dolls - these dolls stem from a TV show and have a balance between the mainstream fashion doll body shapes with a nod to STEAM - this one comes with a kit to make your own bath bombs - great for ages 10 up.
Want to see more? I have youtube videos for items featured here:
Look out for part 2 - The Beauty Edit coming soon!
Merry Christmas Everyone xx

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