Friday 14 October 2016

Octonauts Sea-Slimed Octopod Playset

I'm so excited to share with you the latest octopod because it's covered in slime!
Blake age 7 and Maegan age 5 are both really into the Octonauts and couldn't wait to get the fisher-Price  Slimed Octopod out of the box - which was super easy - just a couple of paper ties holding the parts in place. 

Slimed Octopod

It's so quick and easy to set up - a couple of push to click joints and that's it - no screwdrivers or complex instructions - literally takes a few mins from box to ready to play!

Slimed Octopod

Love the slime green details to the octopod from its base to the sticker decals - so much slime but if that's not enough, the set also comes with a pot of sea slime goo!

Slimed Octopod

The smaller pods swivel and move for ease of play whilst the larger pod opens out to show tiohe control bridge.

Slimed Octopod

There's a trapdoor and slide too!

Ohhhh and it's a lights and sounds octopod (and batteries ARE included!)

Slimed Octopod

Disclaimer: I received the Octonauts Slimed Octopod for the sole purpose of reviewing it - This toy was a genuine delight for my children and all thoughts, opinions and link choices are my own. 

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