Thursday 14 April 2016

What we thought of the Little Live Pets Lil Mouse Play Trail

Both of my children love robotic animal toys, so we were very excited to see Series 2 of the Little Live Pets Lil' Mouse collection. We received the Lil' Mouse Play Trail set and Bronut the mouse (mice are available separately)

Carrying on from last year's collection, there are new additions for this year. 
"six new musical mice who are ready to scurry around their New Mouse Wheel and multi- featured Play and Fun Park Trail, featuring a slide, turnstile and Ferris wheel. They can be calmed by placing them into the palm of your hand or tickle their backs to make them scoot! These furry creatures love to explore over obstacles, tracks and floors and with all playsets that can either be used alone or connected to existing houses and playsets, a whole mice  world can be created!"
Blake (age 6) and Maegan (age 4) couldn't wait to help me set up the track - which is super easy, the parts just clip together and the instruction booklet gives you a step by step guide although it's pretty self explanatory.

Review - Little Live Pets Mouse

Review - Little Live Pets Mouse
Blake couldn't wait to help build the track.

Review - Little Live Pets Mouse
He introduced Bronut the mouse before we had finished building! - Lil' Mice come with batteries ready to play straight from the easy to open packaging.

Review - Little Live Pets Mouse
We love the wheel across the bridge which comes to a slide into a ball pit (sticker decal)

Review - Little Live Pets Mouse
Maegan already has a Lil' Mouse and track from series 1 and introduced her mouse as soon as she could!

Both children love these Little Live Pets and enjoy building tracks.

Review - Little Live Pets Mouse
We added on Maegan's track from series 1 last year and it's all compatible - it's great to build up your own track from all the different playsets.
Review - Little Live Pets Mouse
This is two different playsets added together, there are so many routes the Lil' Mouse can take, the children love to play with these Little Live Pets.

We made a little video of the Lil' Mouse in action.

Review - Little Live Pets Mouse


Emma in Bromley xx

Disclaimer: I was sent a series 2 Lil' Mouse play trail and Bronut mouse for my consideration. All thoughts, photos and link choices are my own. 

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