Monday 16 November 2015

Fighting Bugs This Winter

September was a big month in our house, our youngest - Maegan (age 4) started reception at primary school, just like her big brother (Blake age 6) she started school straight from 3 days at preschool. Of course 5 days a week has come as a shock, to all of us, but its also been extremely exhausting and having 2 children in primary school - its come with a number of bugs. 

Since September, our little family has suffered a stomach bug as well as a cold virus that seems to linger for about 3 weeks! - needless to say we've all been poorly more than well - or at least thats the way it feels!

Beat the bugs and prepare for cold and flu season with Dettol surface cleanser to kill 99.9% of bacteria. 
Fighting Bugs This Winter

I've been using Dettol products to help me get rid of all the bugs floating around our home! I love that Dettol surface cleanser protects against bacteria, flu virus and allergens - in our house we have a few allergy sufferers and asthmatics so anything that can help keep allergens under control is a plus. 

The bathroom wipes have come in very handy - I always worry with stomach bugs as they can just keep going round the family so these are just a quick and convenient way to help.

The laundry cleanser is actually rather clever - as we tend to wash on a lower temperature, not all bugs disappear in the wash - so a bit of laundry cleanser can really help to kill of any bugs. I was a little hesitant the first time we used it as our laundry products are all non bio and skin foundation approved - however for our family, we've got on well with the laundry cleanser. The Dettol website has some great tips.

Incidentally - Dettol are running a Care For Your Bear on Twitter @DettoTeddy #careforyourbear with the laundry cleanser. 

Research conducted by Dettol found that almost 50% of Mums worry about germs on soft toys yet nearly 50% of teddies were washed with contaminated items such as dirty underwear and tea towels and one in five teddy bears has never been washed at all!

Laboratory research found that 25% of bacteria on teddies were linked to faeces and 66% contained staphylococcus aureus which is linked to skin infections, respiratory disease and food poisoning.

I've got a Pinterest board full of tips for beating the common cold this winter that you might like to see.

Emma in Bromley xx

Disclaimer - Dettol sent me some products to use in my article.

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  1. I think we need to try some of these Dettol products...We've been suffering with colds and bugs. I do like the sound of the laundry cleanser :D


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