Saturday 26 September 2015

Welcome to the Furchester Hotel DVD Review


Welcome to the Furchester Hotel Review
Check-in to The Furchester Hotel to laugh and learn with loveable friends like Elmo and Cookie Monster who are on an extended holiday to the UK from Sesame Street. Meet Elmo’s Aunt FunellaUncle Furgus and cousin Phoebe in their ‘almost’ world-class hotel as this furry family solves the zany problems their guests bring to the establishment. Welcome to the Furchester Hotel is the series’ first DVDfeaturing six episodes from the hit CBeebies show, and will be released by Abbey Home Media on Monday 28th September.

The Furchester Hotel is a series designed for 3 to 6-year-olds and is set in a ½-star rated hotel run by a close-knit family of cheerfully chaotic monsters. The series, which is designed to encourage creative problem-solving, is co-production by Sesame Workshop, the non-profit educational organisation behind Sesame Street, and the In-House Production team at CBeebies,

Welcome to the Furchester
Mr. Director and his assistant Carol are visiting The Furchester Hotel to shoot a video to promote the establishment and are very surprised when they find that it is run by monsters! Mr.Director follows the exciting escapades of the hotel and its residents, uncovering lots of unusual activities along the way.

Don’t Eat the Guests
Catastrophe strikes when the hotel runs out of cookies and Cookie Monster descends into panic. The arrival of Mr. Crumb, a living cookie, does little to help matters and responsibility falls to the Furchester Hotel team to ensure his safety whilst thewait for the cookie shipment.

Very Important Porcupine
The arrival of Pierce the Porcupine causes alarm amongst the hotels residents who fear his prickly appearance. Elmo and Phoebe relish the chance to make a new friend and ensure that Pierce has a fantastic stay at the Furchester.

Maegan Clement enjoying Furchester DVDA kerfuffle is caused when the hotels telephone ceases to work, calling for some creative thinking from the Furchester team. After trialing a series of tin can telephones, Furgus, Phoebe and Elmo turn to the hotels newest resident, Professor Fleece, for lessons in yodeling.

Count Your Chickens
Local tour guide, Griff, turns to the Furchester team to watch his latest group, consisting of five chickens, whilst he fetches his bus from the garage. Following his departure, chaos descends across the hotel as the chickens disappear and the Tea Time Monsters run riot.

The Veggietones
Funella hires The Veggietones to serenade the hotels guests, much to Elmo and Phoebe’s delight. The groups initial performances cause concern amongst the guests but a helping hand from Furchester team ensures everyone is able to enjoy the show.

Check in to The Furchester Hotel and embrace a world of creative problem solving, songs and fur fuelled mayhem.

My children - Blake (boy) age 6 and Maegan (girl) age 4 both really like Furchester - it makes them both giggle and has loveable old school sesame street characters such as Elmo and Cookie Monster in the episodes!

This DVD release got a big thumbs up from both my children!

Emma in Bromley xx

Disclaimer - I received a copy of the DVD so that I was able to review it. 

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