Friday 21 August 2015

Nothing Beats a Brilliant August BBQ

How fast are the summer holidays going? I can't believe we have already reached August! 
We have yet to really touch the garden in our new house but I was keen to start off a BBQ here for the children to really get involved with - it's one of those things that has to be done in the holidays don't you think? 

August is the best time for a BBQ for us, it's when everyone seems to be returning from their holidays so nobody misses out, there's a bank holiday coming up and I'm desperately cramming as much into the remaining weeks of the summer holidays as I can! It's my birthday in September so I know that there will be plenty of BBQ days to come next month too - I remember birthday bbq's stretching back as far as the eighties! I've also spotted a few great bargains to be had too - My BBQ is currently on offer at £69.99 (originally £99.99) I went for the Banquet 22' Kettle Charcoal BBQ from Primrose

The delivery from Primrose was impressively fast - we had next day delivery. The BBQ arrived in bits, there was quite a lot of building to be done, the instructions could do with improvement, they weren't particularly clear and hubby had to apply a lot of force to get some parts to fit, such as this joining part in the photo below.

Banquet 22' Kettle Charcoal BBQ from Primrose
There were a few small bumps, dents and rusty bits which I'm not sure how I feel about!
Banquet 22' Kettle Charcoal BBQ from Primrose
One o the things that drew me to this particular BBQ is the Ash Collector, this is really handy, not only does it collect all the ash and run off from cooking making cleaning a lot easier, but it also has holes you can use to help control the heat of the BBQ.
Banquet 22' Kettle Charcoal BBQ from Primrose
The lower rack is perfect for storing things and the wheels make it easy to move the BBQ around. 
The lid also has a vent to help control the internal temperature. 

Banquet 22' Kettle Charcoal BBQ from Primrose
I absolutely love the two side shelves with this BBQ, they were another feature that helped me decide on this particular BBQ, they are easy to wipe clean plastic and have hooks built in too!
Banquet 22' Kettle Charcoal BBQ from Primrose
Primrose also sent me a BBQ cover which has a drawstring so I can pull it in to protect the BBQ when not in use - handy for us as there isn't anywhere sheltered to store our BBQ (at the moment!)
Banquet 22' Kettle Charcoal BBQ from Primrose
The food was absolutely delicious and a big hit with everyone - I personally prefer charcoal fuelled BBQ food - there's also lots of flavoured wood chips out there you can buy to further enhance the flavour too!
Banquet 22' Kettle Charcoal BBQ from Primrose
I had bought the fast start charcoal bags where you just light the whole paper bag without needing separate lighters. Its very fast and effective, but I did find that the charcoal grate holes are a little large and a lot of coals fell straight through so next time I'm going to cross a spare grate across. 

Banquet 22' Kettle Charcoal BBQ from Primrose

As well as the usually Corn on the Cobs, Veggie Sausages, Normal Sausages and Burgers, we also oven cooked the bbq finished off this lovely Beer Can Half Chicken from Marks and Spencer which is always a hit in our house!
Beer Can Half Chicken from Marks and Spencer

Overall, I'm impressed with the range, offers and speedy service from the lovely people at Primrose.
I love the ash collector and the handy shelves.
The warming grill shelf is a great plus point.
The food cooked evenly and was tasty.
I'd have liked the instructions to have been clearer and the parts to have been easier to fit.
I was surprised by the dents in something brand new and the charcoal grate could have been better designed.

Also by Primrose, is this brilliant social media platform dedicated to gardening, its a community site and described as a photo blog for your garden - think instagram meets pinterest meets Facebook, but for gardeners! I'm a complete novice gardener - I literally have no idea what I'm doing but I'm keen to lear, I want to create a great garden space that is safe for our young children to enjoy as well as being a space to entertain friends in!

Emma in Bromley xx

Bromley Blogger 

Primrose sent me the featured BBQ for the purpose of this article, all thoughts and photos are my own.
BBQ tips - Emma in Bromley

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  1. So jealous of you having a BBQ! Don't think we've had one this summer at all, the weather up here is rubbish. Looks like a great BBQ though! x


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