Monday 27 April 2015

Mulberry Silk Cotbed Duvet Review Silk Bedding Direct

Mulberry Silk Cotbed DuvetWhen I was approached by SilkBeddingDirect with an opportunity to review a luxury 100% mulberry silk cotbed duvet for them, I was excited to accept the challenge - within our family, we have asthmatics, allergies and sensitive skin so I was already aware of some of the benefits of silk bedding. 

 Silk Bedding Direct duvets are filled with 100% Mulberry silk (the type of silk filling is important) which makes them naturally hypoallergenic and dust mites can't live in silk and have a luxury 300 thread count cotton casing. Mulberry silk bedding is my personal preferred choice for my children given the asthma and allergies we have.

I wanted to quote a list from the website which highlights many more benefits of mulberry silk bedding:
 MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities)
 Eczema and dry or itchy skin
 Skin inflammations (psoriasis)
 Burns (particularly 1st and 2nd degree)
 Post-chemotherapy sensitive skin
 Vascular sclerosis

Mulberry Silk Cotbed Duvet

All Silk Bedding Direct duvets are filled with top grade long-strand 100% natural mulberry silk.  And, importantly, are loop sewn and tied by hand through the casing to prevent movement.  Hand sewing is used to avoid crushing the precious silk inside and is a much superior method to machine "pattern" sewing"

Mulberry Silk Cotbed Duvet
The duvet arrived in a lovely storage tote, and is extremely soft and snuggly - this one is being used on my daughter's bed - Maegan is 3 years old and loves how squishy her duvet is. 

SilkBeddingDirect children's duvets are thicker that the adult sized ones and we are using a Spring/Autumn weight - we've had some unusually hot weather so far this April and I have found that this weight has still been great for my daughter - the natural silk has meant overheating hasn't been an issue. 

along with the duvet, you also get clear care instructions and a lovely little touch - a 10% off code - SBD10E to share with friends and family (That'd be you x)
Mulberry Silk Cotbed Duvet
As a sweet little detail, there is a small inspection zip so you can peep at the mulberry silk inside - I've put a small stitch to keep it closed because Maegan can unzip it! 

There are also clips attached where you can join the duvet to an additional one to make a winter weighted duvet.
Emma in Bromley xx

Disclaimer - I received a Cotbed Duvet for the purpose of this review - all thoughts and photos are my own.

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