Friday 12 December 2014

Christmas and Winter Craft - Marshmallow Snowmen

I can't claim this idea - it's one I Pinched from one of the school fair crafts!

I thought it would be the perfect craft for a Christmas dinner table setting to keep little ones occupied while all the food is being set out, served up or between courses.

Or an idea to bank for the colder wet days when something is needed to stop the kids from suffering cabin fever, or like in our house these past few weeks - you have poorly kids!

You'll need:
Icing sugar
A biscuit - we had a gingersnap
A big marshmallow 
A small marshmallow 
Sweeties for decorating (smarties for buttons, chocolate drops for eyes, edible ribbon strips or strawberry laces for scarf , small red nerds to make a mouth etc)
A hat - ours is a chocolate button with a liquorice alsort stuck on top.
Matchmaker (you can buy a bag of mini matchmakers!) for arms

You can be as creative as you like with your snowman!

Marshmallow Snowmen

Marshmallow Snowmen
Marshmallow Snowmen

Marshmallow Snowmen
Marshmallow Snowmen

Whilst Blake was making his - 1 smartie, the scarf (ribbon sweetie) and all the red mouth nerd dots somehow disappeared! 

Emma in Bromley xx

Marshmallow Snowmen

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