Tuesday 18 November 2014

Gotta Love a Spiderman Helmet

Spiderman Helmet £21.99There's a lot in the news about kids not playing outside anymore and being stuck indoors on computer games - thing is, I'm not sure I agree - I think for most children there is a good balance between the two - you only have to go on a school run or a local park to see lots of children on scooters, skates, bikes and skateboards - I'm surprised by how many children seem to have one of each of those outdoor play toys!
It's important to wear a helmet and there are lots of fun helmets on the market but you've gotta love one with a Spiderman actually sat on the top! Spiderman Helmet
Suitable for children age 1-9 usually £35 on offer at £21.99 until 19.11.14

Emma in Bromley xx

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