Tuesday 14 October 2014

Family Halloween Party - Hallowe'en 2014 crafts, decorating, feast and vintage tips

This year we are planning on holding a small family Halloween party in our new house! We will be using our dining room - which after the party, we will be using as a playroom while the children are young ... with a sofa bed in it for when my Family in the North visit! 
Currently the said "party room" is still stacked high with boxes - I'm finding it impossible to unpack with two small children ha ha

So I'll start with the planned Halloween party food! 
Pelagonia Pumpkin Jam - Pumpkin Jam Tarts

I was sent some wonderful Pumpkin Jam from Pelagonia - I'd never heard of pumpkin jam before! It comes in a lovely glass jam jar and then I kind of wondered ... What does one do with pumpkin jam?
We spread some on cold toast shapes to  taste it - perfect! The Pelagonia website has a wonderful recipe for Pumpkin Jam Tarts which I will be attempting as this looks and sounds much nicer for a party! 
Dr Oetker gel food colour, sprinkles and ready roll icing for halloween cakes

I'll also be making plenty of cakes and biscuits using some of my favourite Dr Oetker goodies - I was sent a selection of decorating items to use - I'm going to have lots of fun with the ready to roll icing (my kids call this playdoh they can eat!) love the food gel colours in jet black, neon orange and ultra violet, cakes are going to be topped with chocolate sprinkles and banoffee and Dr Oetker is always in my shopping basket - the cake release spray is one of my favourites! 
Looking forward to getting creative with these sprinkles and icing sets! The Dr Oetker website has some brilliant halloween recipes. I've promised Blake I'll make either cakes or biscuits with spiders on the top! 
I've made severed fingers from veggie hotdogs and ketchup - seriously quick and easy, just a bit of clever slicing - I used a teaspoon to cut away a finger nail shape! 
Hot Dog Severed Fingers for Halloween party food

Draw little ghostie faces on mini marshmallows with a food ink pen (I found mine in the cake decorating shop in chatterton village) and scatter them in hot chocolate - make a bowl full in the slow cooker left on low and ready to serve at your guests request :)
Ghost marshmallows in hot chocolate - halloween party food

Check out my Pinterest board for Halloween - there's lots of terrifying treats to bake and crafts to make here! 

Halloween is a great excuse for lots of crafts and we have some wonderful bits from Hobbycraft.
Hobbycraft Halloween crafts

We've already made spooky suncatchers and decorated some foam witches hats - might I add, with the most Ah-Ma-Zing glitter glue! The orange is almost neon and the colours are so vibrant!

Hobbycraft Halloween decorations

Also from Hobbycraft we have this scary skeleton hanging decoration which is 5ft tall and jointed so you can pop him in comical or scary poses.
scary spiders web full of plastic spiders and a purple glass witch lantern - I'm using a led tea light in mine.
Meg is ready for trick or treat with a sweet little felt frankinstein's monster bag!
Creating your vintage hallowe'en by Marion Paull

I'm drawing lots of inspiration from the most adorable Halloween craft book I've ever seen, sent to me for review from Cico books - Creating your Vintage Hallowe'en by Marion Paull.
Full of stories, folklore and history, mixed in with crafts, games and food ideas and the most darling vintage artwork. 
I was in love with this book in moments and it's inspiring lots of ideas for our little party - there's even handy templates to make the things in the book. The ribbon book mark has a pumpkin gift tag and the book reminded me of a word I'd forgotten all about! Pukwudgie! My give year old is enjoying hearing about all the legends and the book also reminds us that the "too American" Halloween celebration was celebrated here long before there! Bring on your party! 

Emma in Bromley xx

Hallowe'en 2014 crafts, decorating, feast and vintage tips

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