Sunday 13 July 2014

New House

new house, 80's reproduction farmhouse kitchen
Those following me on social media will know that on Tuesday I completed on both selling and buying our new home! 

I can tell you that I haven't been this stressed out since my finals at uni and moving house with two little people totally gazumps being bridezilla!

The stress has seen a return, with a vengeance of my IBS to the point that my GP gave me a gallstone scare, I'm sure I've gained more wrinkles, grey hairs and inches round my tummy!

Well it's been one heck of an emotional rollercoaster but I can confirm we are finally finally in our family home ... Well not quite - it need a bloom' good scrub first! It's very dusty, the kitchen is dirty and I've never seen so many spiders in one house in all my life ... So we're sleeping at my inlaws for a few nights!

The entire house is fine to live in but all the rooms need a freshen up - this is most obvious in the kitchen and bathroom! I found several spiders living in one of the kitchen cabinets and the cooker is filthy!

 I can't wait to put my own stamp on the place, I love decorating - just as well given the amount that needs doing!

The house hasn't got a washing machine or a dryer at all so with two small children, this is at the very top of our list! Along with a kitchen table and chairs, some doors and windows need replacing, I'm desperate for bookcases, new carpets and bedding not to mention childproofing the garden!

Be warned - there will be many, many home and interior blog posts over the summer!

Emma in Bromley xx

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