Saturday 3 May 2014

Jo Jingles Music Class for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers in Bromley

For the past 5 weeks my two year old, Maegan has been enjoying Jo Jingles sessions in Bromley and she loves them!

Maegan Clement at Jo Jingles Bromley

Run by the lovely Jo, with her cuddly mascot also named Jo, the classes are a great way to engage your baby, toddler or preschooler in a musical environment absolutely full of enthusiasm and energy - one session ended with the Oki Koki - I think my silly grin lasted all day - it's not every tuesday morning that starts with your right arm in, out, in, out!

Maegan Clement at Jo Jingles Bromley

Meg enjoyed each week's theme - such as jungle, farm and in the garden, along with the theme, there is also familiar weekly songs such as saying hello and goodbye and my daughter's favourite - sleeping bunnies - this is extremely cute, Jo has a box full of cuddly bunnies for the children to snuggle up with for the song and it just melts your heart to see all the adorable little people with the bunnies! The classes end with bubbles which is just brilliant - you see all the little faces light up as soon as the first bubble appears, Jo has a very impressive bubble blower!

Maegan Clement at Jo Jingles Bromley

Jo also has a plethora of musical instruments for the children (and parents!) to play with throughout the class such as tambourines, bells and maracas! Some classes also had parachute time which is always a big hit with little ones, the classes are designed to engage everyone, not just the children and its lovely to see so many parents joining in. 

The class is set in a very sociable circle with brightly coloured mats so everyone has a base in the circle and can interact with everyone - no one is at the back of the class or excluded - its clear to see how comfortable and safe the children feel in the class and its set in such a lovely room - just the right size!

Maegan Clement at Jo Jingles Bromley

I'd absolutely recommend Jo's Jo Jingles sessions to other parents, Meg (Aged 2) loved them very much and so did I. Classes take place in Bromley, Downe, Beckenham, Crystal Palace, Bickley and Petts Wood, Jo is also available for parties and works with local preschools.

We went to the sessions at Bromley Parish church hall - behind Primark and Jo also does special sessions during half term holidays so its worth signing up to her newsletter on her website, twitter  or facebook to keep updated. 

Emma in Bromley xx


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