Saturday 29 March 2014

Science Dress Up Day - Science and Engineering Week

A week ago last Friday, at the end of National Science and Engineering Week,  and Blake's primary school had a science dress up day to celebrate.
Blake Clement Science Day dress up

I'd never heard of science dress up day before and in all honesty, I wasn't quite prepared, as a reception parent I'm still very new to all this and I'd just conquered my very first World Book Day!  I'd been second  guessing the prospect of a sports relief dress up so was surprised to recieve the school email newsletter with only a week's notice explaining Friday would be science dress up day! ( School - please note, a week is not long enough for newbies!)

At first I went into panic mode - we have heaps of superhero costumes and a few random ones (Wall.e and a Dragon) but nothing in the "science theme"!

I headed online but a new costume such as an astronaut or a lab coat with postage to arrive within a week would have been at least £20 so I enlisted the help of my very talented mother in law who came up with a wonderful lab coat and bow tie from an old blouse (and a scrap from my old PJ's) for Blake! 

My mother in law worked hard on Blake's lab coat and he looked a real star! We teamed it with Blake's bright red jeans, his stripy shirt and a pair of children's sunglasses with the lenses popped out. We slicked Blake's hair into a side parting and my father in law made a little book of inventions for Blake to carry.

I noticed at the school, many children had lab coats made from men's shirts, there were lots of Doc Mcstuffins and nurses, skeletons and a star! One of Blake's friends was an astronaut with a proper helmet - a tinfoil covered cereal box helmet :)

I'm going to be one of those annoying parents for just a moment and gloat - Blake won best costume in his class :-)

Emma in Bromley xx

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