Wednesday 7 November 2012

The groupon review

I think we all like a bit of a bargain or deal and there's a plethora of discount shopping websites to chose from.

I'm a fan of a few other shopping websites already but was approached by groupon to review for them.

To do the review they offered me a £20 token and I was intrigued by the claim of deals on toys!

This was a time sensitive review and I clung to my token eagerly awaiting a good toy deal but in the time period the only toy deals I came across were a climbing frame, trampoline or an Olympic 2012 edition train set - all good deals but much more than £20 or the sort of deals I had imagined.

In the end I decided to use groupon for a set of frying pans! I know, hardly toys right!

Groupon is tailored to suit cities and areas so the deals I get are for the London area.

Unlike other deal sites, groupon act like a third party which I hadn't realised at first. I bought my groupon for my ceramic coated frying pans and sat back and waited for delivery - only when I was checking some details on what I'd passed off as an order confirmation email did I realise that what I'd actually bought from groupon was a voucher code - after giving groupon my details to open an account, my card details to pay for my purchase, I then had to go to another website and open account with them as well and buy my items again using the groupon code to pay for them and then also pay an additional fee for postage ontop of what I'd already paid so that meant giving my card details to this other company too!
Blimey it was quite a cuffufle and a lot of repeating and sharing of my data!

The delivery certainly wasn't speedy but I can't complain as the pans really are great.

I think it's important to realise in advance that you are not actually buying your item from groupon and are only buying a voucher code so you will still have to go to another website to buy your purchase and you might have to pay extra for postage too although that would be declared in the groupon small print when you click the link to read more about the deal.

Groupon seemed to have a lot of really good offers for beauty treatments, theatre, photography courses and restaurant deals for my area as opposed to toys but each area gets different offers.

I've also since used groupon to buy a cupcake decorating kit which was a good offer but I'm not entirely keen on this third party system where I then also have to remember to go onto another website too especially when it comes to sharing my data and credit card details.

Good deals and bargain hunting but not very convenient and I didn't find the groupon website particularly easy to use to search for something specific - every time I searched for toys I seemed to go round in circles to a sign up to the newsletter page randomly for Northampton?!

As I've already used Groupon again out of my own pocket since using my review voucher - I would say "yes" I'll use it again if the deal was particularly extraordinary.

Emma in Bromley x

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