Wednesday 24 October 2012

The hunt for spiderman for preschoolers!

Blake is 3 and has recently developed a love for spiderman - he has a few toys, a toddler tooth brush, umbrella and tees all covered in spiderman! He also has Hat, Jumper and Jeans all from Baby Gap Covent Garden store all adorning spiderman - Thanks to Daddy's credit card! All this love has materialised without actually watching an episode of spiderman and has stemmed from all the advertising and merchandise everywhere!

Quite a few of his little friends are also big spiderman fans and Blake has hinted at a number of new spiderman toys for Christmas (and we will be doing spiderman theme for him!- shhh!)  - there's a really cute soft toy with light up (night light) eyes especially for little people that's adorable!
I've noticed lots of spiderman tees and pj's for age 1 up and costumes with padded muscles in them in the Disney shop - a spiderman mr potato head for age 2+ and a wonderful looking playskool kit, junior roller skates, toyboxes and trikes, action figures and vehicles, again all for toddlers and preschoolers but what I am really struggling to find are spiderman cartoon episodes or comic books suitable for this age group!
Blake Preston Clement wearing Spiderman jumper, hat and jeans from Baby Gap
I've tried Netflix, you tube, marvel kids website and the actual TV and so far all the episodes I've tried have been violent - some even have bad language and sexual suggestions in the first few mins of the cartoon!

I've come across a parody of the spiderman theme tune by forrestfire on you tube (we are fans of their duck song too) which is mostly ok for Blake but there is a bit of a bloody chopped off arm scene!

We also found these Spiderman colouring in printables of which the majority are preschooler friendly

Given the extremely large amount of merchandise and the 0-5's seemingly making up spiderman's largest fan base - why can't I find an episode or comic book suitable for young viewers? Anyone know where I can find one?

Emma in Bromley x

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  1. Here's what I know about Spiderman for 0-5 year olds...Marvel's toy division created Spider-man & Friends for preschoolers. It was a 'cuter' & more friendly version of the classic characters. Unfortunately, this didn't go any further than toys (check out ebay). This came to an end when the license was owned by Hasbro. They then created their own version called the Super Hero Squad. However, they didn't have the license for Spiderman as this still belonged to Sony. As a result, you can find episodes of the show & they briefly mention a man bitten by a radioactive spider. Not much help getting you preschooler friendly eps of spiderman, but if Blake's getting into superheros in general, then maybe you could check out some of the Super Hero Squad eps on youtube & see what you think? xx


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