Monday 17 September 2012

Jungle Junction Race Launcher Playset Review

I think you've probably guessed that we are fans of the Jungle Junction playsets in our house and we were sent the brand new Race Launcher playset to review. 

This takes a little bit of time setting up when you first open the box - there's a bit of construction to do and a bit of stickering! 
jungle junction race launcher playset - emma in bromley
Again, another hand powered toy (No batteries needed!) the aim of the race set is to pop a character (Elyvan and crocker come with the set - but characters form other sets can play too!) onto the starting blocks and when the bell rings, you flick the launcher handles to make your character whizz down the slides! 

Lots of humps and bumps to fly over and crocker rolls down on a skate- leaf! 

Easily dismantles for storage when its not being played with. 

Blake aged 3 enjoyed this, and so did I! - I guess because it's a race toy- it really is a two player game! my only issue with this playset was that the track is made up of quite a few pieces and came apart easily in normal play which for a 3 year old is a bit frustrating - also, Maegan aged 1 found it simple to reach out and pinch a bit of the track and torment her brother! 

We did enjoy this toy but have to say we had more fun with the Taxicrab boat which I have also reviewed.

I love that all the Jungle Junction playsets are compatible which means other characters can race too!

Jungle Junction is a Disney BAFTA nominated pre-school cartoon series which Blake is a fan of.

RRP £24.99 

Emma in Bromley xx

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