Wednesday 17 August 2011

You are what you tweet! Twitter infographic

I love a good app or whatever you want to call them and had a good giggle at this one (I am a tad geeky after all)
"you are what you tweet" twitter infographic by these guys ( is just fab!
Have a go yourself if you are a twitterer and post your results in the comment section :-)

Geeky grin is about right! Cupcake obsession is spot on! Gamer - that's a little off, I'm extremely naff at games and haven't been a gamer since sega megadrive was all the rage (Yep! I'm that old!) ! and I thought I tweeted much much more than 0.06 per day ... and I feel a little hurt that I'm only 5.31% interesting! Oh well, at least I'm enthusiastic! ha ha...

If you want to join me on twitter, I tweet as @beachpebble

Emma in Bromley xx

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