Thursday 15 April 2010

gambado soft play centre in beckenham and adventure kingdom in bromley

A small group of us yummy mummies headed over to gambado in beckenham with our 8 and 9 month old babies to explore the soft play area whilst we had a chat! Only thing was when we got there it was a whopping £9 per baby!

So we turned round and headed back to adventure kingdom in Bromley instead and we had a lovely time for £3.60 instead!

For babies and children under 5 I would say adventure kingdom wins hands down but gambado did look more exciting for older children having said that, if it's £9 for a baby who knows how much it is for older children!

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  1. That is odd that you were quoted this price. The actual price structure is as follows:
    children under 1 are free with a paying sibling, otherwise £2.50
    children 1-3 are £6.45 and children over 3 are £8.45. Hope this clears up any confusion.

  2. Thank you Anonymous - in that case, I would love to know why Gambados tried to charge me and my friends £9 each!

  3. Well..I took my 3 year old son with a group of other mummies and their tots and had to pay a whopping £13.45!! OUTRAGEOUS but it was hard to turn back as my son had seen everything and was getting excited. My friend had some vouchers, which we had intended to use but unfortunately they had expired. They charge a membership fee, which I think should only be paid if you intend to go there regularly; not on your first visit.
    As it was school holidays they seemed to be letting people in regardless of the fact it was heaving! It seemed a little chaotic and when an alarm started sounding it was just manic! I asked a member of staff what the alarm meant and they were not sure and had to find out. No one seemed to know what to do and we were eventually asked to leave by the nearest exit. Needless to say I was not impressed with anything about it. I sent an email to the General Manager but to this date have not received a reply with regards this matter. Funnily though...I have received emails promoting it and offering vouchers!! BUT I don't want to go back there. I just want my money back...Please!

  4. I have been to Gambados a number of times and it has always seemed very expensive compared to other soft play places. Last time I went it was filthy and I haven't been since. I complained by e-mail and received no response.

  5. I visited Gambado today and am planning to email the manager about the cost - and lack of value offered - but having read these comments, I won't hold my breath waiting for a reply.

    What a shame.

    I genuinely don't mind paying a premium price if you receive a premium service, but with Gambado, that's certainly not the case.


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