Friday 26 March 2010

Vicks Comfort touch forehead thermometer £10 off

I feel having a thermometer at home is an important addition to any family first aid box - weve used ours endless times!
I came accross one by Vicks which has a green, yellow or red indicator as well as reading your little ones temperature which I think is a nifty idea - it can get confusing sometimes as to whats normal and whats hot! Lets face it, the difference can be less than a degree and when you are talking decimal dots when you are worried about your baby a clear indicator would be nice!

I have a special discount code to share with anyone interested in buying the Vicks comfort touch forehead thermometer so that you can save a whopping £10 off it!

Discount is valid on either Amazon  £31.75 before discount or Boots £34.99 before discount until the end of september 2010.

Enter code -   V977F25P

Emma in Bromley x


  1. Thanks Emma, have just used the code and it is still working. At the moment Amazon has it priced at £29.99 so I have just got it for £19.99! Brilliant!

  2. Hi Emma, I just ordered this item on Amazon too and secured it for £23.99 with the discount applied paid £13.99 nice one! Sincerest thanks for sharing something that actually works!!! Kindest regards, Debbie.


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