Friday 8 August 2014

Sylvanian Hamster Family and Summer Competition

Sylvanian Families are one of those toys that I loved in the 80's and I'm excited to see my own children enjoying them too!
Sylvanian Families Hamilton Hamster Family

To celebrate the current competition (on until 31st august) with Sylvanian Families UK, we received a Hamster family to review and use.
Just as soft as they were when I was little, these characters are full of fun! 
Sylvanian Families Hamilton Hamster Family

The sweet little outfits, that my daughter enjoys removing, are well made with lots of attention to detail - right down to buttons and lace trims, a mixture of textures and easy to fasten Velcro tabs.

The Hamilton hamster family are a new addition to the collection and easily recognisable as hamsters, the family set comes with a Daddy (Huckleberry), Mummy (Hilda), boy (George) and girl (Jane)- with babies available separately.
I had a real life pet hamster when I was little so I really like this little family - Sylvanian families are great for role play, learning about animals, creating your own stories and their flocked "fur" makes them feel very special. Sylvanian Families have brilliant attention to detail and the accessories and extras you can collect, really can create an entire world!

Maegan with Freya Rabbit - Sylvanian Families

My daughter, age 3 enjoys playing with sylvanian families enormously!
They are privileged to have a shelf on her special bed! 
Maegan playing with Sylvanian families on her dollhouse bed

Maegan had the pleasure of meeting real life Freya the chocolate rabbit at the toyfair in London earlier this year and now has quite a collection, she has the chocolate rabbit family (including Freya!) a celebration rabbit family from 2012 and the ice cream playset as well as the Hamster family. 
We have to be careful that Sylvanian characters are kept well away from Maegan's big brother, Blake because they become Tyrannosaurs Rex food! (Poor Hilda Hamilton!) 
Hilda Hamilton, Sylvanian Families Hamster Mum
I have a feeling sylvanian families is going to feature largely in this years' Christmas celebrations! 
Maegan and Freya Rabbit - Sylvanian Families

Back to the competition from Epoch that I'd like to share with you - this isn't hosted by myself, just one worth sharing :-)

Sylvanian Chocolate Rabbit Family

How the competition works:
Launched on 1 July, the #SylvanianSummer photo competition is running across the official social media platforms for the brand (Twitter: @SylvanianUK, Facebook:  SylvanianFamiliesUK and Instagram: @SylvanianFamiliesUK).
Parents and children can bond over their favourite toys and work together to create engaging visual scenes with their Sylvanian Families characters.

On Twitter and Instagram each image needs to be tagged with the hashtag #SylvanianSummer, while on Facebook, the photo must be entered as a comment on a status which specifically mentions the competition.

Closing date for entries is midnight on 31stAugust 2014. (More information on how to enter and terms and conditions relating to the competition can be found

There is a hefty selection of prizes for the best entries including a Forest Holiday worth £1,000 for the winner, and a range of prizes for runners-up including: a Sylvanian Families Grand Hotel complete with a Chocolate Rabbit Family and several furniture sets, plus 1 Sylvanian Families Cedar Terrace House, and a further 10 Chocolate Rabbit Families.

Sylvanian Families is celebrating its 30thanniversary in 2015, and this competition is the first in a series of campaigns it has lined up to rekindle the brand’s iconic status before the 30th.

The competition winner and runners-up will be announced in September.

Emma in Bromley xx

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