Tuesday 20 September 2011

The 308 Coat by Clark and Gray, From Maternity to Motherhood

When I first heard of the 308 by Clark & Gray I got very excited! back in the days before I was a SAHM, (stay at home mum) one of the areas I covered in my career as an online marketing manager was a maternity brand and I was at the end of my second pregnancy so I really respect any great maternity and baby ideas particularly ones started by brave and inspiring parents.

I struggled through two pregnant winters without a coat that fitted properly and it was difficult! Affordable maternity coats made me look ridiculously pumpkinish as I'm only 5'3" (please note, this figure is rounded up to the next full inch) - they just all seemed to be tent like or octopus armed! The luxury ones were just too expensive and maternity brands were having a tough time (Homemummy, Formes, Blooming Marvelous have all vanished).

I got in touch with Thea to see if I could review the 308 coat - my timing was rather silly, hot summer at the end of a pregnancy was probably not the most sensible time to offer a coat review! - I have to say, Thea at Clark & Gray is simply lovely, inevitably delays have occurred on my review which I intended to do back in early June! I had a heavy bleed in pregnancy, lived at my in-laws for 2 months while our kitchen was done, given birth and tried to settle back into our home with two little ones... lets just say - the last few months have been one heck of a ride and this beautiful coat hasn't had the attention it so clearly deserved. I received the 308 in grey on loan for the purpose of my review.

Thea Gray of Clark & Gray has come up with the ultimate - The 308 - This coat has removable panels which simply zip in and out of the beautiful lines of the coat so you can wear it at every stage of your pregnancy and afterwards, with the panels if you have baby in the sling or without panels if you are pushing your pram! Thea is herself a mum so she's used her own experience to come up with this lovely idea. There is a very handy inside pocket, for me this is important as I don't always like to take a handbag as I often walk with baby in sling and toddler on scooter (I need to be hands free!)

This is good quality luxury - from the beautiful tweedy warm wool outer to its silky soft satin blue interior, carefully chosen buttons and timeless fashion detailing such as the large collar, deep cuffs and epaulets on the shoulders.  Thea has impeccable taste and has designed an elegant and simply wonderful coat for any woman's wardrobe, built to last and change with your needs, this isn't a one season wonder, as the brand slogan goes, this is for pregnancy and beyond.

The 308 coat by Clark & Gray is available in Blossom Mother and Child stores, Online and in their Harrods boutique.  £390 in Grey or Navy.

I have two wishes, 1) to have been lucky enough to have had this coat in the cold wintery months of my pregnancies and 2) that I could have kept the 308 coat but sadly, it was only on loan, goodbye lovely coat!

More info on the Clark & Gray website.

Emma in Bromley x

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